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While we make every effort to keep the website updated, we are continually adopting out and pulling dogs; so please feel free to complete an application and allow us to find the perfect dog for your home. To be eligible to adopt, you must be at least 21 years of age, be the head of household and live within a reasonable driving distance of Chicago (as determined by CPSR, currently 3 hours). In addition to completing the application for adoption, the process will include a reference and background check and home visit. Our contract requires a commitment of a minimum of two weeks – this means that you agree to follow our advice while integrating the dog into your home and you will allow the dog at least two weeks before requesting to return the dog. Don’t worry, we will support you every step of the way! Finally, if an adopter finds themselves in what seems to be an impossible circumstance where they are no longer able to keep their dog, our dogs forever have a home with CPSR (subject to the terms of our adoption contract, which may include the adopter paying for boarding and vetting costs while waiting for a CPSR approved foster home to become available).

Unless otherwise noted, all of our dogs are spayed/neutered, current on rabies, distempter/lepto/parvo vaccines, have tested heartworm negative, have been dewormed and have a clean fecal, are microchipped and know basic obedience.

Adoption donations are $350 for dogs over a year old, $400 for dogs younger than a year old. We also require all of our adopters to participate in training with their dog, either by attending a CPSR approved obedience course or through individualized training with a CPSR approved trainer. A training deposit may be required and will be refunded upon proof of completion. Referrals, including those to low cost training options, are available upon request.

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